Personal Data has been considered 'the new oil' of modern times.

As of May 25th, 2018, with the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these data can quickly become a toxic product, considering that its improper processing may expose companies to fines amounting to € 20,000,000.00 or to a sum equivalent to 4% of the company's annual worldwide turnover.

The processing of personal data within organizations is not confined to a single area of activity, nor is it limited to a sole department, business or system.

Consequently and with the objective of analyzing in a transversal way data processing carried out within organizations, both public and private, CCA ONTIER created the Data Protection team, a multidisciplinary team composed not only of data protection specialists, but also of lawyers who, in their respective departments, have accumulated extensive experience in this area, as a result of their daily monitoring of issues related to the processing of personal data in the specific context of their area of law.

With the Data Protection team, personal data processing analysis is done not only by data specialists but also by lawyers who have a thorough understanding of the context in which these data are collected and processed.

Thus, through the creation of the Data Protection team, we are able to ensure that, for example, the analysis of the personal data processing carried out by a public entity is held not only by professionals in the area of personal data but also by specialists with deep knowledge of the personal data field.

We have created teams that allow us to bring together specialists in the area of personal data processing in the context of labour law, but also in the scope of new technologies and telecommunications, as well as experience in legal proceedings in the area of data protection.

Finally, and due to our international exposure, we are able to provide teams with knowledge in personal data processing in different countries, who guarantee a coherent and comprehensive analysis of personal data processing performed by companies with representations or head office abroad.


Ana Rocha
Technology & Telecommunications
Joana Enes
Labour & Social Security
Martim Bouza Serrano
Personal Data
André Filipe Morais
Criminal Law & Administrative Offences
Filipa Barreira Ferreira
Technology & Telecommunications
Isabel Franco Caiado
Personal Data
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